About Us:


 We are a newly formed Rattery that was founded in NSB, FL by two longtime friends that share the same passion and love for rats and other furry companions. We decided to start our own breeding colony to try to help supply people with beautiful, sweet and healthy babies. It is really difficult to find quality/healthy pet rats in pet stores, and the ones that are available as pets are typically very limited in color, coat and pattern. As exotic pet owners, we do understand the need for feeders and will eventually be starting a feeder colony separate from our pet rat line. That being said, all of our rats, whether they be pets or feeders, will be getting the same amount of care and will not be treated any differently. Our pet rats for adoption will get handled everyday to ensure that their temperament towards both other rats and humans is sufficient. We also try our best to stress the importance of rat-on-rat companionship. While rats can be solitary, rats in groups are often more happy and fulfilled animals, as they have companionship other than their owners. We work with Standard, Rex and Harley coat types. We are in the process of starting a Harrex line as well. We also work with multiple color and marking variations such as: Blue, Platinum, Silvermane,  Siamese, Agouti types, Blaze, Hooded, Tabby, etc.

We are Registered AFRMA Breeders

As of 9/6/2020 we are registered as an AFRMA breeder, we are very excited and cant wait to have future litters!

One of our females as a baby, her name is Sakure. She is a Siamese Harley coat.
A baby Burmese Harley coat male that was produced here at Bayside Rattery.